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We are Luware

Innovation and ease of use combined with quality and simplicity.

The methodology of how people communicate has changed along with the move into a new digital age. Customer expectations regarding the availability of customer services are rising as is the desire for more flexibility among employees. People have become used to obtaining everything the heart desires at the click of a mouse button or at the touch of a symbol on a touchscreen. So now is the time for your company to shift your infrastructure to ensure that this new age will be reflected in your communications with customers.

With the help of Microsoft UC technologies, Luware supports companies in adapting the communications between their staff and the customers to present-day demands, thus meeting the constantly rising expectations of the customers and ensuring work flexibility for their staff members.

Our promise – Swiss and Simple

Innovation and ease of use combined with quality and simplicity. As a spinoff from the University of Rapperswil such values are held high at our company. For where there is trust, ties and relations are solid, too. This is true for both your customer relationships and your partnership with us!


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