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Date: 1. September 2017

In addition to further expansion and development of the reporting portal, including the Customer Journey, we are proud to present the two most important innovations of LUCS 2.8

Conversation as a Service (Audio/Video Call to PSTN)

Agents can initiate a call on behalf of a service name via SfB Client.

After a service is selected, any call from the agent to any contact will go on behalf of this service. Agents are entitled to use a service if they have the relevant skills and are responsible for the service based on the distribution policy / responsibilities (traitset) combination.

Callback (Audio Calls only)

After a certain time in the queue, a callback can be offered.

The callback tasks are assigned to the agents based on the “TraitAttributes”.

The agent must accept the call, and the system will then establish the callback.

The customer can leave an alternative callback number if needed.

The supervisor can see the active callback sessions in the new ‘Callback Tasks’ widget on the LUCS Front End.