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RTC Launcher Real-time communication between the browser and Skype for Business or Lync. Improve the seamless collaboration between customer service and customer.

Welcome to RTC Launcher

WebRTC is an open standard for real-time communications using a web browser. WebRTC establishes point-to-point connections, which enable communications to take place beyond company boundaries via IM, voice and Video.

As it supports different browsers, WebRTC can be used on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Android).



RTC LAUNCHER is a web application using the open standard of WebRTC among others, thus enabling end-to-end connectivity between web browsers and Lync.

RTC LAUNCHER sends WebRTC requests received via chat, voice or video directly to the target’s Lync endpoint. In other words, the targets only need to be logged on with their respective Lync clients in order to be able to receive WebRTC requests. Connections to a target can either be established with individuals or they can be put through to a service.


Integration in LUCS oder TeamManager

RTC Launcher integrates seamlessly with the Contact Center Software LUCS and is available as an optional license for LUCS or as a separate product.

Context-relevant contents are displayed in the conversation context window as usual

Adaptability for Web Pages

Luware makes the required adaptations to RTC LAUNCHER for a web page. This allows customers to start their requests simply and directly from the web page (without having to switch to another application or device).


Systems and Recording

Due to the integration with LUCS, RTC LAUNCHER optionally offers IVR or ICR features, which means that customer requests can be prequalified automatically via voice or Chat.

Thanks to LUREC, multimedia communications can be recorded, analyzed and archived whenever customers are contacted.

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