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SwitchBoard is a completely in Skype for Business integrated Application that provides one-click functionality such as call transfer, calendar integration and email templates for callback requests.

Welcome to SwitchBoard

SwitchBoard provides easy control of all conversation functions based on Microsoft Lync. The clearly and simply structured interface allows your staff an intuitive operation with the own Lync client. The SwitchBoard user interface is displayed and operated in the Lync Conversation Context Window.



SwitchBoard provides fully Lync UC functionality: voice, video, IM, desktop sharing and conferencing.

For the optimized usage for UC-workers SwitchBoard also offers the following:

  • Switching calls to “on hold” and retrieve calls with a just one click
  • Blind transfer with just one click
  • Consultative Transfer to forward calls only after consultation / permission in a few clicks
  • Memos (e.g. the concern of the caller) can be forward when transferring a call
  • Search for contacts in Lync and Outlook or search for team

The most common functions can be controlled with hotkeys


SwitchBoard is a stand-alone application and requires no integration with existing contact center environments. For employees who transfer many phone calls (like the main number service), it offers a perfect support for easier handling.

Call notification emails are available by linking SwitchBoard to MS Outlook or other common mail programs.


The Luware programmed application runs in the conversation window (Silverlight sandbox) and is thereby provided by a web server. It will be displayed in each Lync conversation.


Unlike other solutions SwitchBoard is not a fat client application and therefore does not need to be installed on the operating system of each user.


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Download Booklet

For more information about SwitchBoard, please download our booklet as PDF: